The Effects of Casinos on Society

Casinos over the years have become a tourist attraction for many places. They have paved way for establishments of hotel/casino, resort/casino, and even spa/casino. They have answered the growing number of unemployment, not only to the United States but in other countries as well. The legalization of Casinos led to the generation of funds by the government through the amount collected from these establishments in the form of local taxes. Casinos were built with the intention of offering people other means of recreation. The games that they have are intended to make people have fun; winning money is just a perk. Also, some of the biggest casinos have venues for concerts and sporting events.

In recent studies, it has shown that some people no longer find casinos to be a recreation but a lifestyle. Due to the winnings they had in the past, some are led to be seriously involved in gambling at casinos. Others got addicted by chasing over their losses. A person who is all tied up in going to casinos spend less time at home, sacrificing their quality time with members of their family.

A much worse scenario is if someone incurs many losses in one night, more often their anger is geared towards the family. This is known to be a pathological gambler. Also, a person may lose their job, due to the late nights spent in the casino. A person may not perform on his job well if they lack sleep. Some medical studies also prove that people who often hang out in casinos are exposed to the dangers brought by smoking and drinking. Increasing the number of lung cancer and heart patients.

Ever since the business of Casinos became competitive, they became larger with all new amenities that would attract people to patronize them. Despite their expansion, some casinos seemed to forget increasing their security. Adolescents can sometimes pass through the security of casinos, either by using fake IDs or sneaking through guards.

A young person who gets addicted in going to casinos has a high risk of getting low grades in school or dropping out. And since casino goers need money to enjoy playing whether they win or lose, it has been a hangout for counterfeiters, loan sharks, money launderers, and prostitution. A person who is a regular in a casino often goes to loan shark for money, because of their uncontrollable gambling. This is also a venue for people engaging in money laundering, because it is less noticeable to do business in the casino.

Don't get us wrong, casinos are not all negative. We just wanted to point out some of the dangers. After all, casinos have also provided jobs to people, paid big taxes, and some even donate to charities. What is negative about this is all about us. Being unable to control ourselves, having lack of discipline to stop or say no.

Casino management should tighten their security more; impose more strict rules and regulations on their premises to avoid these problems. It is not all for profit; they should also do their part to stop the negative effects of their business to people, them being a member of the community. Lastly, the government, despite casino legalization, should impose limits and regulate the number of casinos per area, in order for law enforcers to be able to monitor all activities within the area.