Maine Gambling Control Board Calls for Moratorium on Casino Operations

The Maine Gambling Control Board seeks for a moratorium of casino operations before any new gambling facilities would be allowed in the state.

At the regular board meeting, the board had accepted a non binding resolution that seeked a moratorium on any gambling expansion in the state till the board has collected ample information on the effect of gambling on the people, community and business sector of Maine.

The resolution came nine months after the Penn National Gaming Inc had launched the first ever slot gaming facilities in Maine.

Peter Danton, board member and chairman of the state's liquor and lottery commission, said that he is supporting the moratorium until the state knows where gambling will lead them.

Danton, along with board members Michael Peters and Larry Hall, voted in favor of the resolution. George McHale, chairman of the Maine gambling control board, abstained from the voting and board member Cushing Samp opposed the moratorium.

The gambling control board resolution come just in time with the launching of Rumford based firm that is collecting signatures for the past month to force for a referendum in the state.

The possible referendum will seek the approval of the casino in the Oxford County in western Maine.