Odds in Reservation Casinos

Many people think that reservation casinos are only out to make a lot of money and cheat the white customers into betting a lot of money thus making an unethical profit off the unsuspecting gamblers. Well, thought there may be some truth to this, the practice was long ago discontinued and remains obsolete today.

The theory was suggested by the main Las Vegas casinos who saw that they were gradually losing customers to the Indian casinos and decided ti fight back. Since they were unable or unwilling to give money away or lower the house edge the concocted the lie that Indian reservation casinos were unethical and dishonest. This as we know for a fact is untrue, as the regulations governing these reservation casinos are as tight as any in the United Sates, perhaps even more so. Thus, it is all a farce.

Indeed, it was the big casinos who lost out in the end, as they saw that the game they offered such as blackjack and poker just couldn't compare to the game that the reservation casinos offer. and what games they did offer! craps , and Slots, and Keno, and all sort of new inventions such as baccarat . Online Casino gambling had become truly and experience to be remembered.