Four Games Launched by Vegas Lounge Casinos

July is a hot month for Vegas Lounge Casinos as they launch four new games for casino players to enjoy.

Vegas Lounge Casinos, which consists of,,,,, and, introduced four new games.

The new games are Joker Poker, Starscape, Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker and Mad Hatters.

Austin Green, manager of says that the each of the game sessions are imaginative and include many interesting twists such as the Mad Hatters tea party, magicians hat and a rabbit as it catches the true magic of fairy tale.

Starscape has smooth graphics that offers a realistic background. The game player will surely enjoy playing this kind of game as it gives them the feeling of being in outer space. The ring that revolves around Saturn, the scorching heat from the Sun and the cold frost of Pluto are just some of the realistic graphics in the game. While playing, players are allowed to make a max of seven thousand coins and that excludes the bonus.

Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker features four jokers in just one deck. This game is for players who want to enjoy a wilder and more thrilling version of poker. The player can bet with a max of twenty five coins and a successful winner can bag twenty five thousand coins.

The Joker Poker is a high speed game that offers generous pay tables. Fifty two cards plus one means that there is wild joker in the deck and this means that it can stand to any denomination and can surely bag a win.