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Indian Reservation Casino

Reservation casino

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When the United states govenment took the land of the Native Peoples of America (the Indians) and put them in cramped reservations, the Indians in turn started demanding rights and compensation for this historical misdeed. The government's answer was the legalization of gambling and casino in these reservations. This was done so that while the Indians could stay in their ancestral lands they could find a means to earn a living as well.

And earn they did. A casino opened recently near New York was at first to be open only during the evenings, since the thought was that few people would venture so far to gamble and that people would find it more amenable to travel to Las Vegas in order to gamble. In a few short days, however, when the proprieters saw the the lines around the poker , blackjack, craps tablesand slot machines were in full swing all day long, the casino hours were ammended to be open twenty four hours a day.

All the popular games played in any casino are played in these casino. In addition to baccarat, craps, poker and slot, we have very colorful native games that consist of throwing bones into stone bowls and seeing how they fall. Kind of like a native version of craps,. but better, since in doing so we feel more conneceted to our Indian forefathers, who played this game before they were massaccered by the white people.

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